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Welcome to PCDS’s Political Mania.

Politics can be a very controversial topic, but it is most fun when many sides of an issue are presented. Political Mania proudly supports the First Amendment by giving all views, no matter where they fall on the political spectrum, the opportunity to be heard. Political Mania‘s objective is to cover foreign and domestic policies, and economic and financial topics; this newspaper will not cover social issues. We welcome all opinions that are supported by evidence and facts.

Given our goal to promote a balanced discussion of topics, our editorial staff includes three Democrats, three Republicans, and one Independent. To ensure nonpartisanship, we edit submitted articles only to suggest changes for the sake of grammar and clarity, not to alter the writer’s content or argument. Our goal in the editing process is to preserve the writer’s voice and beliefs. Our policy allows all writers not to approve any edits made to their works. Individual writers are responsible for fact-checking their own articles. 

Articles published in Political Mania reflect the views of the individual writers, not those of the editorial staff, the teacher advisor, or the PCDS administration.

We hope you enjoy reading Political Mania, and we look forward to having you write for us in a future edition.


Dr. Allison (Teacher Advisor), Sophia Ho (Managing Editor), Kristine Forster (Senior Editor),

Janae Lewis, Chris Mattinson, Chelsea Wu (Democratic Editors),

Jillian Gilburne (Independent Editor),

Kristine Forster, Sophia Ho, Kyle Kinnie (Republican Editors),

Anna Bodney, Fallon Leyba (Democratic Cartoonists),

Staley Lane, and Amelia Meyer (Republican Cartoonists).


***All contents on this page are copyrighted by Political Mania.***

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